Things You May Or May Not Have Known About Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis there are a lot of misconceptions and half-truths out there.  Like many things in our societies those that get the information out there first and spin it towards their own will are the ones that are believed.  With this being said, here are some facts, myths and common beliefs in regards to cannabis.

The hippies created cannabis

For most people the vision of driving a VW Beetle or a van, wearing rose colored glasses and living the hippie lifestyle is where the world of cannabis, weed and hemp gets their origins.  However, this is not the truth. Researchers have traced the first recorded usage of cannabis to around 2272 BC in China.  There Chinese emperors used to smoke cannabis as well as use it in medical procedures.

Marijuana and hemp are only good for smoking and getting high

For most people the belief that marijuana online and hemp are tools for getting high or altering our brain chemistry.  Yes, it is true that it is used for that purpose, but this is not the primary reason to use cannabis.  When we look at cannabis, we discover that the fibers of the cannabis plant can be woven together to create a very strong bond.  This bond can be used for clothing, rope, cloth and much more.  Since this is a natural resource it can also be cultivated and used as a biodegradable product as well, removing the need for synthetic materials.

Cannabis affects women more than men

According to a Washington State University study done in 2014, scientists did experiments on rats to see what affects cannabis would have on them with prolonged use. In this study they discovered that the female rats were more likely to receive the effects of cannabis on their system over men.  The study also showed that women would also develop a tolerance for the substances in cannabis over men requiring them to consume more of the product to achieve the same results.

With this evidence it is theorized that if women were to use cannabis for prolonged periods of time, they would also begin to suffer prolonged effects.  These effects could alter their brain chemistry, hormone levels and their ability to carry and bare children.  Further research is being done on this subject.

People are using marijuana on their pets

When it comes to the medical benefits of marijuana, hemp and other cannabis people are finding new ways and new conditions that they affect on a daily basis.  One of the newest trends is to give their pets cannabis to aid them with their aches and pains.  Many people are giving their pets cannabis in the form of treats.  In many cases this treatment has shown improvement in their animals.  However, more study and research needs to be done.  In many states however, this practice is frowned upon.

Cannabis comes in many flavors

When it comes to cannabis there isn’t just one size fits all plant.  There are many different varieties of cannabis.  From the marijuana plant to the hemp plant there are many different strains, potencies and other features that set them apart.  With this knowledge, make sure you are not getting dosed with something that isn’t what you were looking for.